Backstage Osaka: The best party bar and the best community

​Welcome to Backstage Osaka Party Hostel and Bar, the perfect place for travelers to enjoy their trip in Japan and the perfect place for everyone to enjoy our bar and lounge in the heart of Osaka!

Backstage Osaka Party Hostel and Bar

Our Cocktail Bar

Step into our eclectic space, where the spirit of exploration and friendship fills the air!

At Backstage Osaka Party Hostel and Bar, we take pride in our carefully curated menu featuring great cocktails, French wine and craft beers.

But the experience doesn't stop there, what truly sets Backstage Osaka apart is our guests who call this place home, if only for a night. Here, strangers become friends as travelers from all corners of the globe come together to share stories, swap travel tips, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

We are located within a few minutes from the party district of Osaka. So come on in, grab a drink, and let the good times roll at Osaka's premier party destination, where every night is a celebration of adventure, culture, and the joy of exploration!

Backstage Osaka Cocktail Bar

We welcome you to Backstage Osaka, a cozy cocktail bar nestled in the bustling nightlife district of Osaka.

Our expert bartender crafts seasonal creations inspired by their international roots, offering a rotating selection of drinks that reflect the flavors of their home countries. Join us for the perfection of our Gin & Tonic, hailed as the best in all of Kansai, or our Espresso Martini, which is unrivaled in Osaka.

At Backstage Osaka, we pride ourselves on our dedication to French spirits and beverages. Under the guidance of our French owner, we boast an extensive collection of French alcohols and wines, providing an authentic taste of France in the heart of Japan. And despite our commitment to quality, we remain one of the most affordable destinations to enjoy French wine in the country.


Backstage Osaka Party Hostel and Bar
​1-2-20 Kozu
​Chuo-Ku, Osaka, Japan

tel:        (+81) 6 6762 0111
             (from Japan) 06 6762 0111
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